Akshay's 2.5 lakhs gift!

When it comes to being large hearted no one comes close to Akshay Kumar. The actor who is famous for his charitable ways with people working on his film, recently gifted 2.5 lakhs to each of his assistant director on his upcoming film Boss.

This isn't the first time Akshay has been so dildaar. During the shoot of De Dana Dan, the actor had distributed money to everyone on the set from the spot boy to his technical crew. A source who shot for Boss with him in Bangkok revealed, "Akshay gave 1 lakh bahts to his assistant directors and asked them to go shopping! They had no clue that he was going to do something to this effect and were in for a huge surprise!. On the last day of their schedule the team went out and shopped like crazy."

Akshay is truly the boss when it comes to taking care of his team!

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