Akki's Hollywood admirer!

Al Pacino, the Oscar winning iconic Hollywood star, seems to be in awe of Akshay Kumar's role in Once Upon a time in Mumbai Dobaara.
The actor recently saw the theatrical trailer and in an informal discussion mentioned that OUATIM Dobaara as Bollywood's answer to edge-of-the-seat gangster entertainers. The actor further added, "My friend Barry Navidi showed me a promo of an Indian film with Akshay Kumar. It brought
some fond memories back from my Godfather days."   
To this the overwhelmed Khiladi said, "A touch of appreciation is always held dearly by an actor, even if it's from the simplest of people like our beloved spot boys. But to have your work spoken of so kindly by the world's most admired 'gangster' Pacino himself, I had goosebumps thinking about him watching the promo."
"I was so humbled as an actor, but more so as a huge fan of his legendary work. This man just made a dream come true for me, with one simple message. I just pray he enjoys the film as much as he liked the promo, added the actor," Akshay added.
Milan Luthria who has directed Akshay in this film says, "I'm walking around with a silly grin and you know why. The only actor's portrait in my cabin is of this God of Gangsters. He is an all-time legend and a personal favourite."

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