Akki the daredevil!

On Tuesday night, while jumping from the second floor of a building, actor Akshay Kumar injured his foot badly. He was shooting for Vipul Shah’s film titled Pistol.    A source from the sets, says, “A particular stunt was required where Akshay had to run down six floors of a building and then cross with a jump. It was a long action sequence which had to be captured in a single take. Everything was fine from sixth floor to second floor. But, from the second floor he made a straight leap to the ground floor. He was perfect from his side but when he tried to make a jump to get the correct angle for the camera, things turned for the worse.”   “By the time his ankle was twisted, everyone on the sets rushed towards Akki. The director suggested to pack-up, but Akki insisted on completing the sequence first. The shoot was later wrapped up by 2 in the morning. Later, Akshay was advised by the doctor to take complete rest,” the source further adds.   The film is directed by AR Murugadoss which is a remake of the Tamil movie Thuppakki, in which action is a vital part.

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