Ajay Devgn's scary pranks

Ajay Devgn scared people out of their wits with a practical joke during the busy shoot schedule of Sajid Khan's remake of 'Himmatwala'. The actor is known for being one of the biggest pranksters in Bollywood. Even the director wasn't spared from his antics. The star with his smooth skills played a prank on Sajid khan in the hotel where they were staying while shooting in Hyderabad. Apparently Ajay managed to sneak in Sajid Khan's bathroom and left blood marks on the mirror and walls. A source in the unit said, "Sajid Khan was in the room watching a cricket match and had used the washroom. He then got busy with a phone call. When he entered the bathroom again, he was shocked to see the bloodstains. There was no way anyone could have entered it." He further added, "While he was watching the match, Ajay Devgn and Adhyayan Suman, who is also part of the film, had dropped in for a while. But he was sure that there was no way either of the two had been to his bathroom." When informed, the hotel staff was worried about the mystery of the blood stains. Adhyayan, who is playing the role of Shakti Kapoor from the older version of 'Himmatwala' says, "I had heard of Ajay Sir being a master prankster. This incident baffled everyone as no one had seen Ajay enter the room." However, Ajay Devgn revealed his act after a couple of hours. Sajid Khan still couldn't cope up with the shock as he kept wondering when Ajay managed to enter his room.

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