After 2 States, Alia to star in Revolution 2020?

With 2 States' rocking start at the box office, Alia Bhatt has found herself a new admirer in 2 States author Chetan Bhagat. The popular author feels that for the screen adaptation of his novel Revolution 2020, Alia is a perfect fit for the female lead, Aarti. Revolution 2020 is a love triangle that revolves around Gopal, Aarti and Raghav and is set against the backdrop of politics in Varanasi.

In the meantime, the author is working with Rajkumar Gupta for the same. Chetan said, "I'll be involved with this film too, but this time, I chose not to write the screenplay because I get too close to the content. We're scouting for two actors and an actress since the story revolves around three young people."

When asked if Alia will play Aarti in Revolution 2020? He said, "Alia is a fabulous actress and after watching 2 States, I feel she can fit into the mould of any heroine I conceptualise. Yes, she'd be perfect to play Aarti but nothing has been decided as yet."

Chetan has now left it to the filmmaker to finalise the lead cast in a month's time.

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