Aditya Pancholi hits back at allegations

Ever since Jiah Khan committed suicide, Aditya Pancholi and his family have been in the spotlight. Pancholi finally breaks his silence on his son Sooraj's alleged involvement in actress Jiah Khan's suicide.

    On media speculating about Sooraj's role and columnist Shobhaa De's jibe 'Like father like son?', Aditya says, "If Sooraj is to be blamed then please make him the villain. What's Shobhaa De's problem with me and my son? What does she mean by saying, 'Like father like son?' If he has some wrong let it come out. But don't condemn him in your column for something he hasn't done. Even you have children."

   He further adds, "Sooraj ki kya galti hai? They're probably looking for a villain in this story, and Sooraj has been selected as the villain. For the last three days I've done what I could do as a concerned father and the head of my family. I can see what loss Jiah's family has suffered. My son Suraj and I went for the funeral. Not for a second did we think we should stay away just to avoid trouble. Jiah and her mother are our friends. We are not going to turn our backs on them just because some questions are being asked by some people who don't know the truth."

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