Abhijeet Bhattacharya's fitness mantra

Abhijeet Da has done extensive playback singing for actors like Shahrukh Khan, Akshay Kumar, Govinda, Saif Ali Khan, Salman Khan and many others. Mr. Bhattacharya's  fitness mantra  is- 'Be active all the time, don't sit at one place too long, do things yourself.'

As per his experiences speak, top playback singers are usually on stage for at least twice a week, four hours at a stretch and that's the best fitness regime one can hope to have. Now his schedule of reality and other shows keep him busy and out of home for long stretches. The challenge though excites him. When he is at home in Mumbai, he and his wife Sumaati work out together with a trainer for an hour and a half everyday. "I put in an extra half hour of cardio training also," he quoted, while in an interview.

Bhattacharya starts his day at 8:30 am with two-three glasses of warm water and tablets of trifala a few times a week to cleanse his body. He drinks only healthy black tea and also loves to have lauki and carrot juices every alternate day. These juices help him maintain good health and keep fit. In order to beat the heat and to enrich himself with calcium, he has a glass of fresh homemade buttermilk everyday.

The singer is fond of his drinks too and loves Scotch. According to him, although hard drinks add to his weight, his shows help him burn it out.Our singer is a conscious drinker; nothing less than a 15-18 year old scotch works for him.

When he is out on his trips, though hotels are equipped with gyms, he prefers not to use them. But that is compensated by a lot of jogging, walking and cycling around towns that he visits for his shows. Bhattacharya particularly likes walking on the beaches in the southern part of Spain. In Switzerland and in Amsterdam he loves walking around the cities. The singer also enjoys riding his cycle extensively with his sons.

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