Aamir's concern for Sallu

Dabangg actor Salman Khan’s health has recently become a matter of concern to his family, fans and friends, after his frequent trips to the US for treatment. Latest being that actor Aamir Khan seems to have joined the list in showing concerns for Sallu. While shooting for an ad film Aamir recently met Salman in Bandra. They meet each other very rarely but whenever they do, their conversation is an unending one. This time as well Salman spent a lot of time discussing fitness with Aamir. An onlooker adds, “That is when Aamir felt that due to work stress and personal issues the otherwise fit Salman looked a tad dull and out of shape. He has always been extremely fond of Salman and therefore it was natural for him to express his concern.” Seems like Aamir wants his buddy Salman to get back to being fit again.

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