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Aamir parties with legendary Hollywood star Meryl Streep

The Hollywood and Bollywood industries are buzzing with the news of two talented actors from each of these fields running into each other and creating history. Our Mr. Perfectionist Aamir Khan recently met the famous Oscar winning international actress, Meryl Streep. Aamir was the only star from B-town to be invited to speak at the sixth annual 'Women In The World' summit in New York, USA. Giving a speech at the same event was Meryl Streep.

Both the stars have been clicked together at the event enjoying with other guests present there. Aamir did India proud with the impressive speech he gave. He said, "The balance of power in India needs to change. Unless conviction becomes swift and certain, things are not going to change in India. And very importantly, as a society we have to shun the rapist and hold the survivor close. Is a real man someone who goes and beats up people, is a real man a person who is the protector. Unless we re-look at and hopefully re-define what a man is, things are not going to change. A boy grows up feeling that I'm not supposed to cry. When you tell a child not to cry, you are removing him further and further away from his emotions. And then you are surprised why he is beating up his wife."

He further added, "Based on all of these definitions of what a real man is, I'm completely not a real man because I hold my wife's hand all the time, hug my children and I cry all the time." After listening to Aamir's powerful words, surely Miss Streep would also be a fan of our dear hero.

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