Aamir Khan buys radio from Chor Bazaar

While shooting for Raj Kumar Hirani's "P.K." in Rajasthan, Aamir Khan used a radio bought from Chor Bazaar for one of the sequences in the film.   Aamir was spotted wearing a skirt and a blazer during the film shoot and also carrying a radio in his hand.    It has now been revealed that the radio was bought from Chor Bazaar and has been used on Aamir's request.   "Aamir had seen the radio in olden times and was very keen to have it. He vaguely described it as one of the oldest radios," said a source.   The production team had a hard time finding the radio. They not only researched, but also asked a lot of people around. Finally, they managed to get it in Chor Bazaar.

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