Aamir faces pesticide heat!

Aamir Khan’s reality show Satyamev Jayate faces yet another controversy, this time from a pesticide company honcho who appeared on the show. Rajju Shroff, CMD, United Phosphorus has sent a legal notice to Aamir, his wife Kiran Rao and 17 others demanding a public apology for showing him in ‘bad light’.

The episode that dealt with the effects of pesticides on the environment and health of lactating mothers and newborns pitted Shroff against an army of researchers, housewives and doctors, who came prepared with data, testimonials and proof of the damage done.

Angered on the turns of event, Shroff filed an RTI to find out the authenticity of the research conducted by Dr Rashmi Sanghi, who was part of the show. Rashmi had revealed that the incidence of endosulphan in breast milk from women in Bhopal was 800 per cent more than what was permissible.

Shroff says, "After the show, I started my own research and through RTI, asked Dr Sanghi to share her research papers. Shockingly, she replied that she had never visited Bhopal or collected the samples herself. They were provided by an NGO."

Sanghi's reply to the query clearly stated that she was merely using the 'available resources' to test many other samples, including breast milk brought to the lab from Bhopal. Even IIT, Kanpur says that it is not aware of any tests conducted at the FEAT (Facility for Ecological and Analytical Testing) labs as claimed by Sanghi.

The whole event has now taken a legal turn, with Shroff's lawyers demanding an apology from Aamir and his team. Aamir's lawyers replied saying since their clients were travelling, they would take time to respond.

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