Aamir bags Rs 88 crore ad!

Bollywood superstars are known for their hefty charges when it comes to their films or endorsements. After their big fat movie pay - cheques, the actors tend to get good endorsement deals to add to their wealth. Now, Mr. Perfectionist has cracked an endorsement deal, which is worth a whooping Rs. 88 crore!.

   A source informs, "He is careful about choosing endorsements and when the company offered him the deal, he took his own time to sign it. After the initial talks, he quoted a huge amount of Rs 88 crore." As the ad campaign will be shot and aired over a period of time in this year, the whole amount will be paid over a period of time.

An insider says, "Aamir's fee appears to be mind boggling but the brand wanted to shoot a series of ads with him. They were looking forward to a change in their strategy and hence agreed to rope in Aamir even at such a high cost. They are eagerly waiting to see if the sales figures have shown growth after the actor came on board."

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