A thrilling ride

The Bhatts have brought out an assembly line of series of movies, all cashing on their original hits Murder, Jannat and Raaz. They all look and sound so similar that at a glance one can't tell one from another. So Murder 3 it is. But fortunately Murder 3 is fortunately lot different from an assembly line product. The storyline of Murder 3, taken from 'The Hidden Face', is gripping and absolutely unpredictable. That is the strong point of this film. Vikram (Randeep Hooda) and Roshni (Aditi Rao Hyadari) are in love with each other and are seen canoodling with each other in South Africa, while the photographer Vikram randomly shoots leopards and ladies, not particularly in that order. Vikram gets a lucrative offer in India, and Roshni decides to drop all her ambitions and family members to move countries to be with the man she loves. Soon after Vikram gets busy and famous, thanks to his continual shooting of women and jealousy starts creeping in their relationship. At one point Roshni disappears without trace. Vikram mourns her disappearance with alcohol and that's when the waitress at the bar, Nisha (Sara Loren) falls for him. Once Nisha moves into his house, she realizes that there is something amiss with the house. The movie might be a little slow paced in the first half, with songs playing the role of speed breakers (the music is quite soothing though), but it's the second half with throws a believable surprise and gets your heart racing faster. The script is what works here. To give credit to the debut director Vishesh Bhatt, some scenes actually show a stamp of originality, veering away from the typical Vishesh films product. In fact, some scenes between Randeep and Roshni seem real and believable. Randeep with his roguish charm is pretty convincing and Aditi and he share quite a chemistry. The problem comes in the form of Sara Loren, who although very pretty, has one single expression for the range of emotions that she goes through in the film. The second half could have moved at a much faster pace than it does (tighter editing would have worked wonders), but in all must say it is a good attempt for a debut director.

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